Lic. #946867
Lic. #946867


'ABCremodel did a couple of projects at my house, including plumbing, painting, walls, garage, and kitchen. I originally wanted a major remodeling project for kitchen, bathrooms, and garage but was not sure about the timing. Orhan, after his assessment, provided me with a staged remodeling plan. The plan was to fix some infrastructure items before starting a costly remodeling project. Made my kitchen all functional and much better. I used to have problems with getting water, let alone hot water from multiple bathrooms; Orhan and his crew replaced a couple of main pipes and stopped that problem. Also reconfiguring the garage was a major help to make our daily lives much easier. Orhan also drafted the current floor plan of our house with his CAD software, which allows us play around the remodeling ideas. Orhan has a very technical mind using leading edge tools in construction business and he manages his projects very well delivering high quality results.
We will have ABCRemodel do our major remodeling project within the next six months. ABCRemodel had very professional approach to every single detail about the project. We are very pleased with their excellent work and professionalism. Thanks to Orhan (owner of the company) and his people for finishing the job on time as they promised.' - N. Y. of Saratoga




'Orhan and his crew transformed many parts of our home this year. He remodeled our kitchen and painted the interior. Being a craftsman style house, the interior trim is elaborate and required special attention. The quality of his work was impeccable and the results were fantastic- we could not have been more satisfied. He was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. He’s a gem and we highly recommend him!' - L.U.of Palo Alto




'How many times did your contractor arrive on time, provide an accurate estimate, follow up, check the quality of the work, think about the bigger picture and make sure you are aware of all alternatives along the way?
ABCRemodel does all of this. They are punctual, provide excellent and detailled estimates, make sure the work is of impeccable quality and follow through.
Orhan brought two workers to clean out the old isolation under my roof. The job took longer than we all expected due to unforseen circumstances - and he did not complain or try to re-negotiate once. He said he promised - and he delivered. I believe he actually lost money on this one. The team was extremely professional and I had no problem leaving my wife and kids alone with them (something I have a bit of a problem with some contractors). The gardener did an outstanding job as well and Orhan was there all the way, making sure the work was completed according to my expectations (which, being an engineer, can be quite difficult...).

Overall - I will hire them again in a heartbeat. The best experience I ever had with a contractor.' - M.G. of Los Altos




'Hello Orhan,

I wanted to write to thank you for your capable assistance with our remodeling project.  We specially appreciated your help securing two excellent alternative proposals to give a us a good choice in selecting sub-contractors.  Also, having worked with several other contractors before, we thought your attention to details, both during the defining the scope of the work and the actual implementation of the project, was truly exceptional.  Thank you so much for managing this project in such an immaculate fashion on a timely basis.  You made the experience very pleasant and we are very happy with the results.

Again, thank you very much and we will be pleased to let you know when we have another remodeling project.  All the best,' - S. M of Portola Valley




'Orhan is a highly motivated and excellent project manager, and get things done; and we liked him more when the project work is over. He will walk thru walls for you' - J. K. Sratoga, CA




'Dear David, ...I found your skill in managing the crew to be precise with an eye toward perfection. The detail of our French home was extensive. A room with round corners, large arch was, circular stairway, beams trucked from the East Coast (some weighing 2 tons). 24 French doors, imported fireplaces, marble pool deck and pool coping. Wood detail around the exterior of the house. Too many items to mention, but your approach to each issue was stress free and produced excellent craftsmanship. You are also a true gentleman. Your conversations with our family displayed patience, but you presented alternative solutions with an eye toward fiscal responsibility without compromising quality.'        - B. E. Hillsborough, CA




'Hiring ABCRemodel was one of the best decisions I've ever made. They listened to our requirements, provided creative ideas supported by documented design models, started project based on a project plan, managed the changes throughout the remodeling work, and delivered exceeding our expectations.' - Z. S. Atherton, CA


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